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Whether you’re struggling with intimacy, trust, conflict, or communication, I can help.

Relationships are hard, and all couples fight.  But, some problems are simply too big to solve on your own.

Maybe you’re feeling disconnected, isolated, and alone in your relationship, and you want to reconnect. Or perhaps you’re struggling with frustration, anger, and resentment, and you can’t seem to move forward.  Maybe you just can’t stop fighting, and you want to learn how to better communicate with the person you love.

If the problems in your relationship seem overwhelming, I can help. Don’t wait until your relationship feels broken to make it better. 

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Maybe you’re wondering if couples counseling will work for you.

Couples counseling can help if . . . 

. . . You feel like you and your partner are drifting apart.  Once upon a time, you felt closer to your partner than almost anyone else in your world.  Now, you’re not sure if you even know each other anymore. If you want to rekindle your connection, couples counseling can help.

. . . You can’t stop arguing.  Whether it’s about money, chores, or time, you and your partner can’t seem to agree on anything.  And, it’s tearing your relationship apart. If you find yourself thinking, “I can’t do this anymore,” it’s time to ask for help.

. . . You and your partner get “stuck” having the same fight all the time. All couples experience conflict, but when you find yourself having the same fight over and over again, something needs to change. Couples counseling can address the core issues at the heart of this conflict and teach you how to compromise.

. . . You can’t stop thinking about the past.  Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship, and when trust is challenged, compromised, or lost, your relationship needs repair. Whether you’re having difficulty building trust because of something that’s happened in your past or in your relationship, couples counseling can help.

. . . You crave more intimacy and a deeper connection with your partnerMaybe you feel like your relationship has lost it’s spark.  Or you’re struggling to feel warmth and affection with your partner.  Perhaps you feel like your partner is more of a roommate than a lover. Couples counseling can help you nuture your connection and rebuild neglected intimacy.

. . . You or your partner are struggling with issues outside of your relationship, and you’re not sure how to support each other.  When one or both partners are struggling with challenges outside of your relationship, there’s a good chance that your relationship will struggle as well.  Whether you or your partner are struggling with stress and anxiety, depression, grief, addiction, or chronic illness, it can take a toll on your relationship. Learn how to support each other and maintain your bond in couples counseling.

. . . You just want to strengthen your relationship. Your relationship doesn’t need to be in crisis before you reach out for support.  In fact, the best time to strengthen your relationships is when your bond as a couple is still strong.  Couples therapy can strengthen even the best of connections.

Rebuild your relationship with couples counseling.

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Couples counseling is so much more than “talking it out.”    It’s about solving problems, learning new skills, and making it better.

No matter what challenges you’re facing as a couple, you’re not alone.  I can help you strengthen your relationship, improve your happiness and connection, and rebuild your bond. 

All couples counselors are different. Here’s a little about what you can expect when you work with me. . . 

First, we’ll explore what’s happening in your relationship. We’ll explore the challenges, problems, and conflicts you’re facing as a couple. These are the things that make you feel stuck and the things that you want to change.  We’ll also explore your strengths, values, and beliefs. Depending on what’s happening in your relationship, we might decide to meet for our first few sessions individually or as a couple.

Then, we’ll figure out what’s working in your relationship and what’s not. We’ll identify where you’re getting stuck and what needs to change, whether it’s communication, trust, or connection. We’ll also spend time building upon your strengths as a couple and nurturing your bond. 

Next, we’ll work together to change the things that are getting in the way of your connection.  That might mean challenging unhelpful ways of thinking, processing old memories and moments from the past, learning new tools and skills, like learning how to “fight fair,” or simply problem-solving ways to fix what troubling you. 

Finally, I’ll help you cultivate the relationship you’ve always wanted.  We’ll work on developing and nurturing your strengths as a couple to deepen your bond and build the relationship you’ve always wanted.  And we’ll make sure that you have the tools to keep it. 

 If you’re ready to build the skills to maintain sustaining love, contact me today.

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